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Hello I'm Gulru! I like drawing and looking at pretty people, and some other things.

Kai, Baekhyun and Sehun biased. I also like Bangtan , Girls' Generation, and Orange Caramel.

you can blacklist "anime" "art" or "exo" i tag everything eue

Today is my 15th birthday! 

I got so many wonderful presents from people and really, they made me feel incredibly loved <3 I wanted to put them together so I could remember this day forevermore~

  • First, is the birthday chorus to which I woke up to. Made by my lovely internet friends Lucy, Niiro, Lemon and Iru <3 They sung practically the perfect song: Under The Sea’s Japanese version 8’D I love manatees and they know me so well.
  • Later my 2 best friends came to my house with a basket containing 15 gifts (Get it? Cuz I’m 15?) and some balloons. It was beautiful and heartwarming. I just don’t have enough words for this. 
  • A photo of a mix of everything including and the 15 gifts, some bracelets (in 3 different colours because I’m colour coordinated. So much thought into this <3 ) and a totoro plushie that I got from my other two friends. Also, the birthday notes that were so hilarious. 
  • This is the cake that my other best friend made. She is a culinary genius, and a master of llamas, so this was amusing. 
  • The last 4 are the art pieces I recieved from various internet friends *A*)/ First is by SunaoWolfie on twitter, second is by Carmen who I love intensely, third is by Sky who has been just so nice to me since we met and finally an art from my DBF (dream best friend 8’D) Lucy, who is a poop head and a lousy friend ;D 

Thank you for all the twitter and facebook wishes as well! I got some from people I admire and stalk, which made me glad B’D 

TL;DR: everyone is beautiful and today was great <3  

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